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Solana Beach asset management firm helps clients achieve financial goals

Russell Hall founded Hall Private Wealth Advisors after working for more than 25 years in the financial services industry with well-known firms such as PaineWebber (now part of UBS) and Morgan Stanley. He served as a senior vice president, senior portfolio manager and corporate client group director, where his clients included senior executives at public companies in San Diego and the Bay Area.

Hall serves as managing director for the boutique money management firm. Located in Solana Beach, HPWA offers wealth management and financial planning services, focused on working with good people who want guidance. “In starting Hall Private Wealth, my focus was to improve our clients’ experience, cut out the middle man to lower fees, and to eliminate conflicts of interest,” said Hall.

Rather than charging commissions for transactions or selling financial products with excessive fees, Hall Private Wealth charges a very reasonable and completely transparent asset management fee, which financially incentivizes the company to perform, but also serves as motivation to preserve client assets when markets go down.

“Our process eliminates conflicts of interest and results in a much more aligned, synergistic and healthier relationship with our clients,” Hall said. “It’s amazing how many people don’t understand the levels of excessive fees they’re paying at big banks.”

Hall Private Wealth counts among its clients company founders and senior executives, as well as families with generational wealth, primarily in San Diego and the Bay Area. HPWA also manages corporate retirement plans, working with some of San Diego’s fastest-growing and exciting firms. Charles Schwab serves as custodian for their assets, so the firm can keep fees low while holding all client assets with one of the most stable custodian firms in the world.

“One thing that sets us apart is our money management style,” said Hall, which he described as “deep value investing. The challenge is to find value among asset classes, sectors and regions that may be temporarily out of favor, but offer limited downside, a dividend stream and opportunity for future gains.”

The firm’s investment approach applies to the bond markets as well as to stock markets. Hall and his team generally seek investments that offer a stable income stream, providing a cushion, and they take a patient approach. “That means looking toward sectors such as food, consumer staples and utilities, as well as various bond strategies that have upside potential in addition to stable income,” he said.

“Investors tend to become complacent with their portfolio manager and investment holdings, and they don’t pay attention to benchmarks and risk-adjusted returns. As a firm, we try to differentiate – like a startup. Our proprietary client statements are simplified, and our clients are educated on what they should be paying attention to in their portfolios. We keep everything ultra-liquid, avoiding heavy fee ‘products’ that so often lead to underperformance,” Hall said.

Another thing that sets Hall Private Wealth apart is that it keeps research and portfolio management functions in-house, and doesn’t “farm” it out to other managers, which is a common practice within the RIA and big bank space. “This helps keep fees low and improves control and liquidity. It also gives us the flexibility to react to market developments,” Hall said.

Hall Private Wealth also counsels its clients to avoid the “herd mentality” which can often lead to buying high and selling low — typically seen at mutual fund companies. And Hall’s team has the right background, with more than 100 years of combined experience in asset management.

Hall and his wife of 20 years, Amy, are active in the Solana Beach community. Their daughter and twin sons attend Solana Beach public schools, and Hall has served on several nonprofit chapter boards, including St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and the San Diego Tech Coast Angels.

He’s supported numerous charities, and is a member of the San Diego Tech Coast Angels, one of the nation’s leading angel investor groups. He has invested in and mentored more than 10 private companies, primarily in the technology arena.

“Having a sense of how an entrepreneur thinks, the various instruments that startups use to raise money, and how the capital markets work has been enlightening and very valuable to me in my portfolio management role at HPWA,” Hall said.

As Hall summarized, “Although stock markets are currently riding high, a market adjustment will come. We haven’t had a shock to the system in quite a while, so I’m anticipating volatility. Going forward, what better time than now to reevaluate your portfolio and your results?”

Prospective clients can call Hall Private Wealth to schedule a free consultation, which will help identify strengths and weaknesses in their portfolio, as well as the fees they are currently paying. The number to call is (858) 263-1675. For more information, log onto

Hall Private Wealth values integrity, putting clients’ interests first

Since opening in April 2015 in Solana Beach, Hall Private Wealth Advisors has become a local leader in the wealth management industry, offering a range of asset management, financial planning and business consulting services.

“The practice has grown dramatically,” said Russell Hall, founder and managing director. “We’ve had excellent asset growth and portfolio performance has been exceptional. This has lead to some wonderful new client referrals to our firm.”

Hall said he gets a great sense of satisfaction helping clients who come to him with problems he can help find solutions for.

“People that come to us are generally unhappy with portfolio results and they’re starting to distrust in the relationship they have with their broker,” Hall said. “They’re tired of underperformance, not understanding what they own and paying excessive fees – they simply want integrity in the relationship that they have with their advisor.”

At Hall Private Wealth, Hall said they take the time to really understand clients’ objectives, ensuring that portfolios are structured and aligned with their needs. He aims to keep the practice’s relationships with clients collaborative and transparent.

“Relationships are what it’s all about for me,” Hall said. “The clients we have are like family to us.”

What sets Hall Private Wealth apart is their money management style, leaning toward “deep value discipline”. Hall understands that clients have concerns about market changes, the geopolitical climate and future economic meltdowns.

“We find value in almost any environment,” Hall said. “We’re very focused on preservation and making sure that we capture returns during the good times, while protecting during the bad times. Our deep value approach – finding hidden values – gives clients peace-of-mind knowing that we aren’t just jumping on the bandwagon.”

The son of a civil engineer, Hall grew up overseas in exotic places such as Pakistan, Trinidad, Puerto Rico and Mexico City—he attended high school in Long Island and college in Western New York before moving to San Diego in 1990 to start his career at PaineWebber.

He spent 18 years as the senior vice president of PaineWebber (later acquired by UBS) before moving his practice to Morgan Stanley, where he spent seven additional years.

After 25 years he decided to open his own office, focusing on high net worth clientele.

Hall said the practice’s primary focus is asset management, noting many of his clients have undergone liquidity events – senior executives at publically traded companies or founders who’ve had multiple exits. He also handles corporate wealth management for company retirement plans.

“Generally they are all looking for preservation and fairness,” Hall said. “We provide concierge level service to our clients.”

Hall has developed a proprietary key performance indicators snapshot, that helps clients pay attention to what’s happening in their portfolios.

“If you’ve ever had a big bank account statement, it can be over 20 pages and it’s quite complicated,” Hall said. “We sought out a way to educate clients about what they should be paying attention to…they find it very helpful.”

Hall said he finds that about 80 percent of professional fund managers continually underperform versus the S&P500 and their respective benchmarks, due to excessive hidden fees and bad management.

“It’s becoming common sense that the S&P is a low-cost option, accessible to all investors – so you’ve got investors throwing in the towel and recognizing that they’re better off taking an index fund approach,” Hall said. “Our shop offers robo-advisor like fees, with full service and a hands-on approach. Our clients appreciate having someone to call about life events and changes to their financial picture.”

Since opening, the team at Hall Private Wealth Advisors has grown to six full time employees, with over 100 years of combined experience between them.

“I’m blessed to have an amazing team around me, good people with good integrity,” Hall said. “We’ve got a big variety of experience so there is a depth of knowledge, and we also all think alike. We value transparency, simplicity, ethics and alignment and putting our client’s interest first.”

Hall is also involved in the San Diego Tech Coast Angels, an angel investment group. An entrepreneur of a tech start-up years ago, Hall has served as a board member for four years and is a coach for the Quick Pitch competition at Qualcomm Hall in Sorrento Valley on Oct. 5. Known as one of the most recognized angel investor events in the nation, entrepreneurs give their pitches to a panel of judges and an audience of investors, business leaders and community leaders selects the winners. Ten company finalists receive coaching and top three winners are awarded $50,000 in cash.

“It has been incredibly enlightening to me, to learn firsthand how companies are funded and conceived and all of the different aspects it takes to start a company and make it work. It’s been a wonderful experience to be involved in that community,” Hall said. “It’s been a privilege to meet some of San Diego’s best entrepreneurs and angel investors.”

Hall Private Wealth Advisors is located at 462 Stevens Avenue, Suite 105, in Solana Beach. For more information, call (858) 263-1675 or visit

Financial Wellness – Eight Distinguishing Characteristics of Financial Well-Being

For simplicity purposes, HPWA designed the acronym HALLMARK to help guide clients through the financial wellness lifecycle.


Financial Planning should incorporate all areas of your life, not just your assets. Once your planning and strategies are created, commit to regular reviews and remain focused on meeting your long term goals.


Work with trusted advisors that collaborate with one another on your behalf. Use your financial team as your quarter back to help keep your trusted advisors on the same page.


Liability and debt management should be given as much thought as asset management during the planning process. “We bring awareness, and help our clients plan for the things in life that can cause anxiety”, Hall said.


Give thought to the legacy you leave behind. Will it be grounded in your core beliefs, faith and integrity? Answer these questions now instead of leaving them to chance.


Wealth Management comes in all shapes and sizes. Eliminate conflicts and cut out the middle man whenever possible. Utilize investments that maintain high levels of liquidity and transparency, remaining flexible to maneuver quickly while remaining tax efficient.


Protecting your assets involves many decisions relating to businesses, real estate, equities, bonds and alternatives. recognize exposures that could translate into unwanted volatility.

Risk Management

Protect as you build by managing your risk. You can choose to retain, avoid or transfer risk (or a combination). When the unexpected happens, proper protection can ease the burden and maintain family’s or business’ financial well-being.


Continue to educate yourself and never stop learning. Finances are complicated and HPWA freely educates clientele regarding planning and investment strategies to instill clarity and confidence in their decision-making process.

“We take the time to clearly understand your needs and objectives, and we work collaboratively with you to achieve your goals.” Natalie Stillman, CFP® Vice President,Financial Planning

“At Hall Private Wealth, we make every effort to eliminate the inherent conflicts that abound within the wealth management industry.” Russell Hall, Managing Director

With over 100 years combined experience, Hall Private Wealth Advisors is a boutique financial planning and wealth management firm located on Stevens Avenue in Solana Beach. Clients trust HPWA for it’s commitment to delivering simple,tax-efficient portfolio management strategies and honest counsel through education.

Let HPWA help you create your own HALLMARK-led path to financial security. Call (858) 263-1675 for your complimentary consultation.

Hall Private Wealth Advisors celebrates one-year anniversary in Solana Beach

Hall Private Wealth Advisors is celebrating its one-year anniversary of serving clients in the community and across San Diego County.

Although the wealth management firm opened its doors in Solana Beach last April, the firm’s staff members have more than 100 years of combined experience working with a wide range of individuals and businesses, from entrepreneurs raising capital to Fortune 1000 companies managing growth.

In fact, Russell Hall, founder, owner and managing director of Hall Private Wealth Advisors, established the firm after 25 years of experience in wealth planning and asset management.

“The added level of control for the benefit of our clients has been incredibly refreshing,” Hall said.

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