Philanthropic gifts can change your local community, or even lives around the world. However you choose to give back, Hall Private Wealth Advisors is ready to help plan a strategy that meets your goals and needs. In addition to being a great way to give back, charitable giving can also be a great way to improve tax efficiency for you, your estate, or your business.  Charitable giving in the form of trusts and private foundations, with solid wealth management strategies can increase the impact of your giving, and the legacy you leave behind.

At Hall Private Wealth Advisors, making a difference in the community and giving back is an important part of who we are, too.  Collectively, we serve on over ## nonprofit boards and, in 20xx alone, Hall Private Wealth Advisors [made | will make] over ## donations to nonprofit organizations.

As thought leaders in charitable gifting strategies, we are actively involved in helping clients from multi-generational private foundations to families just kick-starting their philanthropic pursuits, we help plan the time and wealth you share with others to make a measurable impact on today’s generation, and generations to come.

Contact HPWA to learn more about what’s next in the world of charitable gifting strategies including:

  • Education on philanthropy
  • Next generation involvement
  • Shared values and giving interests identification
  • Philanthropic mission statement development
  • Foundation governance
  • Charitable structure evaluation
  • Strategic tax planning