With decades of experience, an independent and objective perspective, and a deep technical bench with CPAs, JDs, CFPs, MBAs and MAs, Matter takes the long-view approach. Commonly working with two to four generations, we lead families through the challenging process of transferring wealth and wisdom. Along with engaging younger members in productive financial discussions, we help families define their unique purpose, mission and values.

Building tomorrow’s family leadership begins with involving future generations today. Through regular family meetings, we connect and engage younger members in fun, meaningful, educational activities. This long-road process not only brings families together, making them stronger and more prepared, it sparks an open-ended journey of learning, growing, and planning together.

we firmly believe empowering intelligent decision-making is the cornerstone to family success. And it all starts with wealth education. Through a basic understanding of financial concepts applied to individual circumstances, we provide practical skills development for each family member, from the youngest to the oldest generation, on the workings of the financial world.

In a comfortable and supportive environment, we offer:

  • Age-based educational programs, camps, classes, study groups
  • One-on-one discussions, mentoring
  • Individual preparation before regular and family meetings
  • Family meetings that are intentional, fun, open, and instructive