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Financial Wellness – Eight Distinguishing Characteristics of Financial Well-Being Thumbnail

Financial Wellness – Eight Distinguishing Characteristics of Financial Well-Being

For simplicity purposes, HPWA designed the acronym HALLMARK to help guide clients through the financial wellness lifecycle.


Financial Planning should incorporate all areas of your life, not just your assets. Once your planning and strategies are created, commit to regular reviews and remain focused on meeting your long term goals.


Work with trusted advisors that collaborate with one another on your behalf. Use your financial team as your quarter back to help keep your trusted advisors on the same page.


Liability and debt management should be given as much thought as asset management during the planning process. “We bring awareness, and help our clients plan for the things in life that can cause anxiety”, Hall said.


Give thought to the legacy you leave behind. Will it be grounded in your core beliefs, faith and integrity? Answer these questions now instead of leaving them to chance.


Wealth Management comes in all shapes and sizes. Utilize investments that maintain high levels of liquidity and transparency, remaining flexible to maneuver quickly while remaining tax efficient.


Protecting your assets involves many decisions relating to businesses, real estate, equities, bonds and alternatives. Recognize exposures that could translate into unwanted volatility.

Risk Management

Protect as you build by managing your risk. You can choose to retain, avoid or transfer risk (or a combination). When the unexpected happens, proper protection can ease the burden and maintain family’s or business’ financial well-being.


Continue to educate yourself and never stop learning. Finances are complicated and HPWA freely educates clientele regarding planning and investment strategies to instill clarity and confidence in their decision-making process.

“We take the time to clearly understand your needs and objectives, and we work collaboratively with you to achieve your goals.” Natalie Stillman, CFP® Vice President, Financial Planning

“At Hall Private Wealth, we make every effort to reduce the noise and provide a simplistic and direct approach to investment management.” Russell Hall, Managing Director

Hall Private Wealth Advisors is a boutique financial planning and wealth management firm located on Stevens Avenue in Solana Beach. Clients trust HPWA for its commitment to delivering simple, tax-efficient portfolio management strategies and honest counsel through education.

Let HPWA help you create your own HALLMARK-led path to financial security. Call (858) 263-1675 for your complimentary consultation.