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Hall Private Wealth Advisors – Alignment and Commitment Thumbnail

Hall Private Wealth Advisors – Alignment and Commitment

Since opening in 2015 in Solana Beach, Hall Private Wealth Advisors (HPWA) has become a local standout in the wealth management arena, offering a range of money management, financial planning, life insurance and business retirement plan services. The boutique advisory firm’s employees have over 100 years of combined experience.

“The practice has grown significantly”, said Russell Hall, Founder and Managing Director. “We’ve had excellent asset and new client growth. Our talented team continues to help our clients refine and achieve their lifestyle goals by offering holistic financial guidance and developing comprehensive plans to meet their needs.”

Hall explained his greatest sense of satisfaction at the firm is helping clients who come to him with financial issues where he can help find solutions. “It spans everything from transparency in their portfolio holdings, to retirement and succession planning strategies, to credit line facilities, to charitable intent.” Having helped people nationwide, he explains “People come to us seeking a second opinion on their existing plan, and they’re generally unhappy with portfolio results. Many times, they’re starting to distrust the relationship they have with their broker or bank.”

Hall continued, “Investors are taking a hard look at excessive ‘big bank’ fees and underperformance. They simply want integrity and alignment in the relationship that they have with their advisor.” Instead of the common practice of using an outside subadvisor, Hall argues “The value we bring through our in-house research eliminates a potential fee and conflict of interest that most investors don’t know about.”

At HPWA, the team takes time to truly understand client objectives, making every effort to ensure that portfolios and plans are synergistic with their clients’ needs. He aims to keep the firm’s relationships with its clients collaborative and educational. “Relationships are what it’s all about for me,” Hall said. “The clients that we have are like family to us.”

One thing that sets Hall Private Wealth apart is its money management style, leaning toward a “deep value discipline.” Hall understands that clients have concerns about market changes, the geopolitical climate and future economic meltdowns. “We try to find value in any environment, and we tend to seek opportunities in asset classes, regions and sectors.” Hall said. “Our deep value approach — finding hidden values — gives clients peace-of-mind knowing that we aren’t just jumping on the bandwagon.”

Hall notes the firm’s primary focus is asset management, as many of the firm’s clients have undergone liquidity events. “Our clients are C-Suite executives at publicly traded companies or founders who’ve had significant exits.”

Hall developed a proprietary performance snapshot that helps clients better identify what’s happening in their portfolios. “If you’ve ever seen a big bank account statement, it can be over 20 pages and it’s complicated,” Hall said. “We sought out a way to simplify reporting and educate clients about what they should be paying attention to.”

“I’m fortunate to have an amazing team supporting our mission – good people with integrity, all devoted to helping our clients reach their goals to achieve the lifestyle that they envision”, Hall said. “We have a deep variety of experience, so there is a depth of knowledge. We value transparency, simplicity, ethics and alignment and putting our clients’ interests first.”

Prospective clients can call Hall Private Wealth to schedule a free consultation, which will help identify strengths and weaknesses in their portfolio, as well as the fees they are currently paying. The number to call is (858) 263-1675. For more information, log onto www.hallpwa.com.